Will Steger and his International Polar Expedition reach the North Pole by dog sled and without resupply, the first such expedition since Peary in 1909.


Sir Ranulpf Fiennes and his Trans Global Expedition team reached the North Pole on Easter Day. His expedition was the first to accomplish a circumnavigation of Earth from Pole to Pole.

1968 – 69

The British Trans-Arctic Expedition with Wally Herbert and his team was the first to traverse the polar ice cap with sled dogs. They covered 3,720 miles in 476 days. They arrived at the North Pole on the 60th anniversary of Peary’s arrival in 1909.


Ralph Plaisted was the first person verified to have reached the North Pole by snowmobile.


The American nuclear submarine, the USS Skate, was the first submarine to surface at the North Pole on March 17 by breaking through the ice.