The American Polar Society (APS) is the only organization linking scientists, explorers and enthusiasts around the world who value the uniqueness of the polar regions and play critical roles in shaping its destiny.


The work of the American Polar Society directly impacts our polar caps. Your donation helps make that possible.


Members include those who have lived at the poles to those who just want to learn more about these regions. The only requirement for membership is having an avid interest in these special areas of the globe.


Interested in polar exploration, research, history or current events? Membership is open to all those with an interest in our Arctic and Antarctic polar caps. Join us in supporting the legacy.


Founded in 1934 by August Howard as a privately funded organization for information about Antarctica, APS is the premier forum and chronicler of the polar regions for eight decades.

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To support and encourage research and exploration in
the Arctic and Antarctic


Endorsed by the American Museum of Natural History in 1935