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 Editor, Polar Times

Moki Kokoris – Wilderness Research Foundation Director, is the founder of “90-north,” an International Polar Year sanctioned multidisciplinary outreach educational program that focuses on topics relating to Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. Also Visiting Speaker for the Arctic Research Consortium of the US, and member of the Explore Foundation’s World Explorers Bureau, she is the first woman of Ukrainian descent to reach the geographic North Pole.

Ms. Kokoris holds the position of Main Representative for the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations NGO in consultative status with the United Nations Department of Public Information. In that capacity, she attends UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples Issues conferences, specifically sessions with the Inuit Circumpolar Council and the Indigenous Peoples Secretariat. Ms. Kokoris facilitated the screening of an Inuit film that addresses the impacts of global pesticide use on the Arctic at the International Conference on Health & Environment, held at the United Nations. She is also Contributor and UN Liaison at The Arctic Institute | Center for Circumpolar Security Studies.

Ms. Kokoris has served on the Planning and Declaration Committees of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, and is senior editor and also coordinator of the indigenous and education chapters of the UN Climate Caucus Framework for Action Report prepared for use by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Achim Steiner – Head of UNEP, and Dr. Pachauri – Chair of the IPCC.  She is a Member National of The Explorers Club where she chairs the Artist-in-Exploration Program and the UN Committee. Ms. Kokoris is also the founder and curator of the Polar Film Festival.

In addition to being Arctic Editor and writer for The Polar Times – journal of the American Polar Society, she is contributing author to Indigenous Policy – journal of the Indigenous Studies Network, and to World Ecology Report – Promoting Health and Environmental Literacy. Her expanded career expertise includes architecture, graphic design, wildlife rehabilitation, and teaching of polar studies, calligraphy and piano.