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Board Member

Lynn Everett has been with the Byrd Polar & Climate Research Center (BPCRC) since 1981. She currently holds the position of Grant Development Specialist and acts as Editor (for the “BPCRC Report Series” and other publications), and Workshop & Travel Coordinator for BPCRC. Lynn has more than 20 years of experience submitting proposals to federal (NASA, NSF, EPA, USGS, etc.), state (AEP, ODNR, etc.) and local agencies as well as internally to The Ohio State University, where the BPCRC is located.

Lynn holds an advanced degree in Environmental Science from The Ohio State University, with an emphasis on the Arctic. She has conducted extensive field research in northern Alaska, focusing on soils, permafrost and the Arctic ecosystems.  Her interest in the Arctic began in the early 1980s when she had her first interaction with the scientists at BPCRC as a student employee, and her interest in this field continues today.

Lynn currently serves as Treasurer for the APS and has been an APS member since the early 1990’s receiving an honorary life membership from APS (Past) President Brian Shoemaker for all of the work she did in the organization and the execution of several APS symposiums.