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Emeritus Member

Elaine Hood joined the Board of Governors in 2010.  Elaine was born and raised on an Iowa farm, received her BA in social studies education and MA in International Political Science.  She taught high school social studies and university level political science in Iowa, Nebraska, Central America and the Caribbean.  She was recognized as an outstanding teacher for the state of Iowa and also received national recognition for her teaching.  She was a Fulbright Fellow to Russia and Keizai Koho Center Fellow to Japan.

Elaine left the education field after nearly 20 years to work for the US Antarctic Program.  Elaine worked for the civilian contractors at McMurdo Station in the late 1990s and then transitioned to full time employment in the Denver office in 2000 as the Communications Specialist, a position she still holds.  In this role Elaine works with the public and media, and coordinates educational outreach.  Elaine also serves as the photo librarian for the Antarctic Photo Library located on the US Antarctic Program web site: www.usap.gov.

Elaine and her husband, Charles Baker, live in the foothills southwest of Denver.  Charles is a software engineer with Oracle.